Monday, July 21, 2008

Because I Passionately Love My Wife and Would Do Anything for Her

It's Claydar's turn to Post!!

Kd and the kids went to Lake Powell with Nan and Britt on Friday. Of course I got left home alone. There was no food, no TV, and my Xbox was broken. So there I was alone, hungry, bored and a little scared. Hmmm Canyon Country is just down the street. I should go get some food! So I go and get a Valencia Orange juice and a bag of Carmel popcorn. That was my dinner. Obviously I'm not gifted in the art of making important decisions at critical times. I get home and realize that I'm still going to be hungry so I nuke some delicious pizza pockets and sit down to watch season 3 of Battle Star Gallactica. I sat there for3 hours and watched like 4 episodes. I then went to bed and read an Orson Scott Card novel for 2 more hours until 2:30 am at which point I decided that I should go to sleep. Needless to say I 'm still trying to catch up.

Kd and the kids had a great time at the lake. I'll defer to her to give the details....maybe on her next post.

My garden is doing well. I have some tomatoes, corn, peas and squash. The weeds are somewhat under control and most of the plants are alive. I've been able to cut my mowing time down to just under 1 hour a week not including edging and I'm loving the sprinkler system. Our new yard is great and I'm really enjoying the process of taking care of it. I just wish I didn't suffer from allergies.

Our cherry tree produced tons of fruit and it turns out that they are pretty good. I was worried that they were going to be not so sweet pie cherries, but they are actually pretty good. The only draw back to the cherry tree is the constant sticky floor from tracked in cherries.

Timothy is a full fledged walker now. He gets so happy and loves his new skills. It's crazy to see such a tiny boy walking and running around. His first word was "Eva". He now can say "Eye" while jabbing his little finger into your eye socket, and he's learning to imitate a lot of actions and sounds. It's so fun to watch my kids grow. I love them so much.

Now about the title. I asked Kd for suggestions on what to post. The Title is her suggestion. Honestly...What would I be without Kd? Where would I be? I can't imagine life without her. I love my kids so much and would do anything for them. Without Kd I wouldn't have the kids that I have. She completes my life. I love her so much.

She will read this in the morning and think, "yeah...I told him to write that," or "whatever!" Kd it's true I do love you and I missed you when you went to Lake Powell. I know it was only one night but I was sad, and hungry, and really bored. Most of all I was so glad to see you and the children come home ( the CHILDREN...).

Here's a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure......

Kd likes to have he picture taken

Thomas smiles

Sun Bathing Cousins

Timothy looks on

At Cottonwood wash

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fully Converted

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, what a testimony of the gospel is, and how important it is to be truly converted. I know many people who claim membership in the LDS church, and belive it to be true, yet they choose not to live the gospel to the fullest. I have been there myself, whether it be not paying a full tithe, not going to all your Sunday meetings, or other things that keep us from being "fully converted". In the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is not enough to just "believe" the church is true. We must start with, faith, then show our obedience by acting on that faith. As members of the church we truly believe that, "faith without works is dead". It is so important to have a testimony as a starting point for the gospel. I know this church is true, and that it is lead by a righteous prophet. I know that Joseph Smith truly did see Heavenly Father and Jesus, and that he is a true prophet who restored the true church on the earth. I know that Jesus lives, and that he died for my sins, so that I can return to live with him again if I choose to live worthy and repent of my wrongs. That is my testimony. I act on my testimony by living a clean life and fully participating in all my church meetings and accepting and performing my church callings. I attend the Temple at least once a month if not weekly. I do not make excuses for my failings. I am not perfect, but I act on what I believe. That is what it means to be fully converted. My testimony of the gospel is the driving force in my life and that is why I am who I am, and why my life is blessed. I am grateful for righteous examples in my life that have helped me make wise choices and fully live the gospel.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Night Games

The other night we introduced our children to "Night Games". It has been so long since Clay & I played, that we did not really know the correct rules or names for the games, but it was a blast anyway! My favorite parts of the night were when Eva hid so well (at sardines) that we all took a long time to find her; and when Clay came running around the house so insanely, that I could not catch him because I was laughing so hard!

Our cherry tree is overflowing with fruit, so come by and pick as much as you want. There is something magical about eating something you picked off a tree.