Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bullies and Black Eyes

When your child comes home with a black eye, you start to worry about bullies. When your child tells you a rambling incoherent story about how he came-by this black eye you realize (once again) that your son is his own bully/his own worst nightmare. Seriously!

Fun with Eva's hair

Kids at Four Corners Monument

Hovenweep National Monument (Thomas took this picture!)

Hovenweep National Monument (Eva took this picture!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Million-dollar Mom

For all you ladies out there who have a hard time fitting in a workout, this is for you!

Years ago when I did my first Body-for-Life Challenge, there was an AWESOME magizine called Energy for Women. It was a fitness magazine unlike the rest. The cover always showed a healthy fit woman (rather than an imaciated model that most of us could never look like). It set a higher standard of fitness, and only allowed advertising from proven healthcare companies. You knew you could trust what was in the magazine from articles to advertising. When Bill Phillips, founder of Body-for-Life sold his supplement company EAS, (which was the parent company of Energy for Women) the new owner stopped publishing the magazine:(

I loved many of the workouts from the magazine, so I cut them out and kept them in a binder. When Nancy asked if anyone knew of some effective, quick workouts, I found my binder and looked through it, so here is "Million-dollar Mom" from Energy for Women (forgive the poor quality of the photos, my scanner is horrible!)

"You're up and running from the minute your youngest child hurdles himself/herself onto your bed in the morning, until the second your dog demands one last round in the backyard at night. Your daily life is a triathlon. Still, lifting children, carrying groceries and running around does not seem to provide the strength and energy you need.

YOUR GOAL: To increase energy, stamina and strength for your daily tasks without spending long hours in the gym.

YOUR WORKOUT: For maximum results in minimum time, choose compound exercises -- those that challenge more than one muscle at a time, recommends Frank Mikulka, a personal trainer at Long Island's Hollywood Atrium. And "superset" exercise pairs -- alternating between sets of two different exercises rather than resting between sets of one. Mikulka suggests focusing on core and upper body strength to help ease the load (literally) of your daily chores. Try this routine


Place a stability ball between your back and the wall. Squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Hold while doing 10 lateral arm raises. Do three sets of 10 arm reps each.


Do a set of standard push-ups. Follow with a set of triceps dips off a chair or bench. Do three sets of each, alternating between sets of five to 10 push-ups, and 10 to 15 triceps dips.


Do a set of back rows, followed by a set of standing biceps curls. Do three sets, 10 to 15 reps each


Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Do a calve raise. Immediately raise arms and go into a shoulder press. Do three sets, 10 to 20 reps each.

Debbie E Mandel, who runs mind/body workshops in New York and is the author of Turn on Your Inner Light: Recipes for Health, Happiness and Fitness, suggests incorporating muscle challenges into your daily routine. Do calve raises while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, for example, and rear leg lifts while pushing a stroller." --Energy For Women Jan/Feb 03

Hope some of you find this helpful!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nancy Inspires Me

Sometimes I need a little outside motivation to help me carry through on promises I make to myself. A few months ago, this motivation came from my Sister-in-law Kim and her Walking Blog. Thanks Kim! More recently my motivation/inspiration was from my other Sis-in-law Nancy. When I saw her fitness blog it was what I needed to get serious about setting and achieving my fitness goals. For 2 weeks now I have been lifting weights and running. I enjoyed having Nancy home over the weekend because we were able to talk fitness together (which helped keep me motivated). I have not been perfect, I still have a hard time staying faithful to my diet, and procrastinating workouts has meant that some days I have done cardio and weights on the same day, but I AM moving forward!
Some things that have helped me: Each night I try to journal how my day went. I write down what things I did well and what I need to work on. I write down what I ate (which helps me be honest with myself, this is where I really struggle to be good). Then I plan the next day: What I will eat, when I will workout, and small goals for the day. (Some nights I have to journal for several days--like I said, I am not perfect!)
I have been focusing on my small victories: Doing abs daily, taking my vitamins daily, drinking enough water. I celebrate these small victories because I know that they are all steps in the right direction.
Several years ago I had the pleasure of a "workout buddy" she became my best friend, my other sister. In the time we worked out together I never missed a workout because I knew she was counting on me to be there. Her dedication helped me be dedicated. When she married Tim and moved away I lost my motivation and stopped working out. I miss you Nancy! I finally found another "workout buddy"--Eva. She has agreed to help keep me encouraged to get up in the morning and go running. She needs the one-on-one time with me, and I need her forcing me out of bed when I just want to sleep.
Nancy, keep up your fitness blog, keep working out. I will be your "virtual workout buddy" when you need motivated. Thank-you for inspiring me!