Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Cutest Baby in the World!

Or at least Blanding...Wow Timothy is 4 months old, and growing so quickly! We are really enjoying our new ward and new neighborhood. I already have a calling -- Primary 2nd Counselor -- I am looking forward to getting to know the ward members through their children. We have stagnated in the unpacking. All the essential stuff is unpacked, so it is that much harder to want to get through all the other boxes. Oh well! Eva and Thomas are doing great at school, and have more friends than they know what to do with thanks to the treehouse.
Weighing Tim in the nail scale at SJBS (Clay's work)

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So Eva's crisis' always seem to occur when I am between the babysitters and home or work, and after she frantically called Grandpa in tears, I got the message that she forgot her lunch for the field trip. The need for my children to be able to find me, as well as the frustration of not having a home phone for 2 weeks, drove me to finally invest in a cell phone. So I just realized, that I am the last of the Glover siblings to get a cell phone! I am not looking forward to another bill, but I am already enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that I can always be in contact with my children. We are really enjoying our new home and our new neighbors, and are looking forward to attending a new ward tomorrow after having been in 1st Ward almost all our lives!

On a sad note, last Friday we had to put Tinkerbell to sleep after she bit our neighbor's 5 year old little girl. Emma Heck (our neighbor girl) tried to hug Tinkerbell, and Tinkerbell for some reason bit Emma on the head. The Heck's were really nice about it, and it was a really small wound, but we knew we could not take the risk of a worse attack in the future, so we made the difficult decision to put her down. The kids took it really hard, and screamed and cried at me. Thank goodness for Brenda, for taking them to her house so they could keep their minds off of it. We are grateful to Dad for taking Tinkerbell to the Vet for us, because we could not do it ourselves. Tinkerbell did have some nice qualities, but they were overshadowed by her aggressive behavior, and that is unfortunate. It will be rough on Clay and the kids for a while, but we know it is ultimately for the best.