Thursday, November 13, 2008

Timothy & Thomas were tagged

7 random things about Timothy:
  1. Lately I think it is funny to hit, but I know it is wrong, so after I hit my Mom, I cuddle into her because I know she will forgive me if I'm sweet
  2. I love it when Eva and Thomas get home from school, I love to run and meet them at the back door.
  3. I wish Eva and Thomas would let me play with them more, but they say I am a nuisance, and usually bring me back upstairs to make Mom watch me.
  4. I am really good at throwing fits. I like to jump up and down and throw myself on the ground with some good screaming and crying mixed in.
  5. I am a true Perkins -- what does that mean? It means I am really good at making weird faces (like my Dad). Plus, I looovve it when my Dad gets home!
  6. I am a very trusting and loving kid. I will let anyone watch me, or hold me. My daycare Mommy says I am so easy to take care of, she wishes the other kids were like me; and at church I have another family that takes care of me during Sacrament (they bring books, treats, and toys for me) their kids are all teenagers, but they love me and I love them.
  7. I like to cuddle. I have my Mom wrapped around my finger, all I have to do is ask her to hold me and she melts.
7 random facts about Thomas:
  1. I am very artistic and creative. I make cool things with Legos, draw neat pictures, and can build things
  2. I am very helpful with yardwork and home improvement.
  3. I cry a lot (I get that from my Mom) but I am sensitive to other peoples feelings
  4. I am very good at math
  5. My mouth is almost always full of canker sores, and the Doctors don't know why. It is really frustrating and painful.
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candy (or anything sweet that is not healthy for me).
  7. I am not a morning person. I would sleep until 10 if they would let me.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eva was tagged

Seven random facts about Eva 
  1. I love to read
  2. I like Webkins
  3. I love my brothers
  4. I do weird things with my fingers (like my Mom and Grandma Gail)
  5. I like to makup wierd words like aunger-skongers
  6. I like school
  7. I have a new toilet in my bathroom