Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meet our New Additions

Our neighbor came by to congratulate us and said, "I didn't know you were expecting!" after seeing this parked in our driveway:
I don't really know all the details about the truck, but I think it is great! We all fit in it! Clay brought it home last week and tried to convince me that he had made a deal to buy it, and I could not stop him. I knew he was lying because he won't even spend $5 dollars without asking me if it is okay. I told him I was sorry, but his truck would have to wait until next year because we were spending our money on a cruise this year not a truck. Then he confessed that it is a company truck, but his boss told him to use it like he uses his own truck. I jumped up and down and kept yelling: "You're lying to me!" But he wasn't.
Below is a picture of my new addition -- not as exciting as Clay's but a happy thing at least. I wanted something to work my abs better, and needed something to do pull-ups. Since Clay started working out too, he needed something for pull-ups too so we decided to get this. It was actually pretty inexpensive and had free shipping from Amazon. We really like it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check it out!

Inspired by Nancy and Richie, I have started my own fitness blog. You can view it by clicking the link to the right titled Kd's Fitness Blog, or click this link: Enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Whole Enchilada

(what does that really mean anyway?) In large part because of Nancy's fine example, I started working out again in November. I really tried, but sometimes I would put off my entire week's worth of workouts until Friday and Saturday, and as for diet -- what diet? I just didn't have the motivation I needed to really GO-FOR-IT. After a month I felt really good about my workouts, I had been more consistent and felt like I had made some positive changes. I took my measurements and.........nothing had changed!! I was so discouraged, that I basically took the entire month of December off. I was really bad, I ate way too much junk, and avoided working out. Then I took 2 weeks off work to be with the kids over Christmas break. I had the time to workout, so I researched some good workouts on and started working out. Then I sat down and really hashed out what goals I wanted to accomplish, how I was going to achieve those goals, and what "Transforming Patterns of Action" I needed to change to be successful. I typed these up and placed them in highly visible locations throughout my house. A huge motivating factor for sure is our upcoming cruise -- I have got to be "swimsuit ready"! Focusing on my end goals has made it easier for me to stick to the Body-for-Life eating plan, and not "cheat" (except 1 day a week as outlined). After 2 weeks of consistent workouts, and clean eating I took my measurements and...........Lost 5 pounds and almost 9 total inches!! This versus my experience in November reminds me that I have to go for the "whole enchilada" I can't just do things half-way and expect results. I am at the end of another successful week-(week 3) of my 12 week transformation and I feel great! I have muscles where I have never had muscles before, and my energy is through the roof!