Saturday, April 14, 2007

So you think we dropped off the map?!

Sorry folks, no pictures in this post. We (and by we I mean Clay) have been working like crazy trying to improve our home so we can sell it. We are officially moved in to Mom and Dad's house. As a result, most of our stuff is still in boxes as we try to sort out what to put where. We are truly grateful for Mom and Dad and their willingness to house us until we find a suitable larger house (of course, we have to sell our old house first).
We moved the first load of stuff to Mom and Dad's on Monday. In between packing, I decided I wanted to show off a quilt Mom made for Eva. I went to the next door neighbors without telling my kids where I was going -- I was only going to be gone a minute I told myself. Well, long story short they discovered I was "missing" when the phone rang and I was not there to answer it and Eva freaked out. She first tried to call her Dad, but he was on the phone with Grandma trying to figure out where I was (because he had just called the house). Next she called Brenda's house. Brenda's son Darin told Eva that his Mom was at work, but he would call her for Eva. Brenda called Grandma and Grandma came to check on the kids. Needless to say, I came home to some pretty distraught kids, and yes, I did learn my lesson I will tell the kids where I am going even if it is only for 5 minutes.
Well things didn't get any better for Eva on Tuesday. The normal routine is that I pick up her and her 2 Johnson cousins when school gets out. I was a few minutes late to get them, but I didn't think that would be a problem because Eva's cousin Sam (or Sam's Teacher) usually keeps us all waiting for 5-10 minutes after school gets out. Well on Tuesday both of Eva's cousins got checked out of school early, which threw Eva off, and then when I wasn't right outside she went into a panic! She hurried back into the school and told the Secretaries that her Mom was not there. They calmly told her to wait 5 minutes and if her Mom wasn't there they would call her (I wonder how many times a day they deal with this same problem with different kids). Eva came out, found me and immediately erupted. Too much change for my Eva (or any kid) can be too much to handle.