Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Man I hate May!

Okay, okay maybe hate is a strong word, but seriously May is crazy for me! At work we have multiple tour groups scheduled for nearly every day in May and my kids have school field trips the entire month too! Oh and I forgot to mention that the first weekend in May is always our Four Corners Indian Art Market that I really do hate with a passion because it is so much work to put together and to deal with. Otherwise life is good! Timothy is finally getting a few teeth, he is 1 month shy of being 1 year old! He is trying to learn to walk, and he is into everything! Eva has bronzed up so much that she says she thinks she was adopted, and wishes there was a way to un-tan her skin so she could look like the rest of the family. Thomas hasn't majorly hurt himself lately which is quite a feat! Anyway, May is almost over, yeah!!