Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kids are fun

So I first need to clarify our title and quote. It is not that we hold the illusion of being somehow more righteous or spiritual than anyone else. Clay and his brothers have always had extremely active imaginations, that frequently involve alternative worlds (think Dune), so it is only fitting that our blog have a unique theme. Unfortunately sometimes we neglect our children a little too much. Case in point: tonight Thomas came to us and asked if Eva could tuck him in tonight. How sad! Then Eva begged us to let her sleep with Thomas, she had some reasonable arguments like, "I'm seven now so I will go to sleep." My kids never go to sleep when I let them sleep together, they always promise they will but it always ends up being a nightmare for us when they are still up and giggling three hours past their bedtime. After a final resounding no from both Mom and Dad, Eva stormed out of the rooming yelling. "It's not fair, you guys get to sleep with a friend why can't I?!" Kids are fun aren't they?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

clay's list of 100 things that you probably don't want to know about him

1. I'm the tallest member of my Perkins family
2. I play Halo (x-box) half as much as Kd says I do, and twice as much as I lead you to believe.
3. One of my newest past times is playing with my fish.
4. I love hiding behind things and jumping out to scare my wife and children.
5. Sometimes I wish that I could move to Guatemala and become a substistence farmer. I would grow beans, corn, squash and other delicious produce. I would have chickens, pigs, and a milk cow. Every month I would take some delicious produce into town to barter for toothpaste, soap and other necessary items.
6. I wish that I would have been more involved in extra-curricular activities during my high school years
7. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer when I grew up but my math skills were less than desirable. I could probably do it now but I'm too old.
8. Nobody asked me to dance the prominade at my junior prom. (it was for the best as I would have dropped the poor girl during the "lift" phase of the dance)
9. I love my church calling. I teach the 17 year old sunday school class.
10. Having the Glover family as my "second" family is one of the greatest blessings I've ever recieved.
11. My favorite series of novels is Frank Herberts "Dune".
12. I would love to restore Kd's blue Toyota to factory new.
13. Although I complain sometimes, I love working at SJBS.
14. My favorite shows on T.V. are, The Unit, Heroes, The Office, and How it's Made.
15. I like Cheese.
16. I was very self-conscious about my "skinniness" up until a few years ago.
17. I love stargazing
18. I loved going to the uranium mines in northern Arizona with my dad as a child. Because I couldn't go all the way to the bottom he would drop me off at the top. I would build huge rock sculptures and sit and watch the trucks at work far below.
19. My friends and I went camping at johnson creek when we were teenagers. We scared ourselves by talking about banshees and spirits and had to come home.
20. I once scared Kd so bad that she peed her pants.
21. My favorite weather is fogged in and rainy.
22. I wish I could get my pilots license and own a plane.
23. I would love to be a rancher if my dad was still doing it.
24. I used to throw Oranges at my brother Tyler and his friends when they made me made.
25. When I was 8 or 9 I fell off a cliff in west water. I landed on my head but my leg caught something and took what I thought was the worst of the damage. 5 years later I fell of my bunk bed and landed on my head. My mom layed me down on the couch and 10 min. later called me in to eat dinner. I couldn't hardly move my head and I hurt real bad, so she rushed me to the hospital in Monticello. The doctor gave me an x-ray. On examining the x-ray he determined that a small chunk of bone had temporarely become lodged between two vertabrae. He then told me that the chunk of bone had apparently been knocked off years earlier, and that there was evidence that I had previously broken my neck. I guess my leg should've been the least of my worries.
26. I'm scared of losing my hair. (seriously....can you imagine me without hair!)
27. I had a dog named Jix when I was in high school. He loved to chase and kill rabbits. One day he came home with a tiny baby bunny in his mouth. He gently laid it down at my feet and looked up at me with sad worried eyes then ran off toward the field again. a few minutes later he brought another one back, then another. The bunnies were fine.They had not been harmed one bit by my dog. They looked to be only a few days old. The forth time Jix ran off toward the field I followed him and dicovered a nest containing one more baby rabbit. Jix then nervously looked toward the spot on which he had taken the mother rabbits life. I scolded her for killing a mother rabbit but also praised her for feeling sorry enough to try and take care of the babies. After taking care of the bunnies for a month we let them go up near the resevoirs.
28. I want a Mustang. (GT500)
29. I like Cats.
30. I love my Children and wish I could give them everything.
31. I love my wife more than anything in this world.
32. My favorite color is Midnight Blue.
33. I love Chinese food.
34. I love Prime Rib and Crab.
35. One of my favorite gifts is socks.

36. My first "girlfriend" was Julie Cook when I lived in Page, Az. We kissed on the bus everyday at her stop......We were in Kindergarten.

37. When in Page My brothers and I loved to run through the vacant lot as fast as we could all the while pushing one of my mom's baby strollers.

38. I never wore shoes in Page. When we went to the grocery store we always had to have our pieces of cardboard. We would throw it a couple of feet ahead of us then run across the hot pavement and jump on it. We would do this all the way across the parking lot until we got to the safety of the store.

39. When I was 4 years old and my sister was 5 we had two imaginary friends. Once we spent an entire day "playing" with them in our little closet. My mom could barely get us to leave to eat.

40. I wish that I was gifted in writing, I would love to write a novel.

41. I love Fox news.

42. Surprisingly though I don't like Bill O' Reilly.

43. My nickname in school was Bones.

44. My best friend (Phillip Hughes) was called Meat.

45. I love to read.\

46. I once saved my little brother Kloyd's life. He fell into a raging Canal and without even thinking I reached in and pluked him out.

47. Before Kd and I were even "Dating", I paid to have her truck repaired. I think that I knew deep down inside that it (The truck) would one day be mine....actually I knew that Kd would one day be mine.

48. I think Kd has the most beautiful eyes.

49. I used to be afraid of the dark.

50. I've seen a UFO.

51. My mom and I once watched what appeared to be a black jaguar walk through the field south of her house. We never did find out what it was but I know it was a cat, and It was as big as a full grown Labrador.

52. In middle school Philip Thompson and I met under the bleachers to fight. He did a wrestling move on me and I fell down hitting the back of my head. Bruce Guymon stepped in and both he and Philip left with bloody noses. I apoligized to Philip that very day and was freinds with him till he moved to Phoenix.

53. I love traveling in the rain.

54. I love Hiking with my children.

55. No matter where I am, if I hear a jet overhead I look up to see it.

56. I hate shaving. (poor Kd)

57. When I told my best freind that I was dating Kd Glover he asked me if I remembered that we used to tease her and call her names. To this day I don't remember......seriously.

58. I swear too much.

59. Candy, cake, pop, and other delicious things give me heartburn.

60. Another favorite series of Novels that I like is "Ender's Game" and the pre-sequels.

61. I used to love mornings and nights. Now I only like Nights.

62. I hate it when Kd goes out of town. I stay up till 3:00 am and get so bored and sometimes just want to cry.

63. I secretly cry during sad movies.

64. My brothers and I used to climb the tree on dairy road by our house. We would get ourselves up in the branches that hung over the road. We would the proceed to drop sticks and branches on cars as they passed this day I have eto wonder what the heck we were thinking.

65. My brothers and I almost burned down the vacant lot behind our house, and the lumber yard, and our house, and the neighbors.......and...

66. I loved english in high school

67. I hated Math.

68. I sluffed 80% of my cemistry class my sophmore year to play basketball at Tommy Lyman's house. You know those nightmares you have about being back in high school and not having a clue what was going on? Well...that was me whenever I had a test in Chemistry.

69. One of my best freinds was killed by lightning the summer before my mission.

70. I've never had a ticket (speeding etc....)

71. I was in band mainly for the awesome band trips.

72. I think I have seen every Spongebob episode.

73. Up until last year I wasn't saying the word "gigantic" correctly. Ask Kd.

74. One Night when I was 12 or so I suddenly woke up. I then proceeded to watch an episode of Bugs Bunny which was somehow projected on the wall in the hallway. The next day I talked to my brother about it. He claimed to have seen the same thing....weird huh?

75. I didn't learn to swim until I was about 14.

76. I've eaten grasshoppers.

77. I once had a delicious bowl of hot Guatemalan COW HOOF soup. (hair and all) the way I had to eat my companions soup. He almost passed out upon seeing it.

78. I've always wondered what it would be like to be a woman...just kidding.

79. I hope to one day find a bag of money.

80. I fear cancer.

81. My nickname in some circles is "Claydar" or "Clayrod".

82. I love traveling.

83. I always drive on trips.

84. I've never passed out.

85. My companion and roomates at the MTC cured me from appendecites (sp?)

86. I love Sunday dinner at the Glovers house.

87. I used to think that driving up"bronco drive" in my dad's big brown pickup and listening to ACDC was cool.

88. I like Camping

89. I'm older than I look.

90. I hate wearing glasses

91. When I was 12 I lied to the eye doctor so that I could have glasses like my brothers and sister did.

92. I love living in Blanding

93. When I was in high school I thought that I would be living "Back East" by this stage in my life.

94. "My Driver" Matt Kenseth won both races in California. (Nascar)

95. I think that San Juan County is the most beautiful place on Earth.

96. I like mowing the lawn.

97. I like fish sandwiches

98. I am running out of ideas.

99. A bisquit and egg sandwich sounds delicious right now.

100. I'm done.

Friday, February 23, 2007

We finally joined the bandwagon!

With much prompting from Clay we finally decided to post our own blog! Because it is so slow right now at work I am addicted to the family blogs and check them frequently for new posts. We have really enjoyed reading peoples 100 things so Clay will be posting his 100 soon. Eva had a patriotic program at school today, it is always fun to watch her perform. Thomas is now going to Nan's house several days a week while I work and he is loving having Rachael to play with. Eva is proving to be quite the big sister; she played very lovingly with Olivia today and I was very proud (if only she could learn to stop yelling at her brother)! The only other big event in our lives was the poor squirrel that got treed by our dog Tinker Bell yesterday. The kids and the dog went crazy trying to get it down until they all lost interest and it made a quick retreat to safer ground.