Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woo Hoo!

In April I wrote my first ever grant. It was for funding to implement a Safe Routing Plan for our Elementary School. I served as the President last year for the School Community Council, and as a board, we were able to complete the Safe Routing Plan that should have been done years earlier. I got the grant done, but procrastinated getting it signed, then couldn't find the last person that needed to sign it. The day I needed to mail it I had to go to Dead Horse Point State Park to help out, so I recruited Clay to get the signature, and overnight the grant to Salt Lake. After numerous emails and phone messages that went unanswered, I figured that I was not going to get the funding. Yay, I was wrong! I was notified by email that not only was my project funded, but it scored the highest out of the 20 applications they received! I am so happy! I keep realizing how much like my Mother I am as time goes on. I am grateful for the good education she gave me, and the example of intelligence and success that she is to me. Wow, my first grant got funded, pretty cool eh?!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What do you get when you cross Napolean Dynamite with Hot Rod?

Well, Thomas of course! The other day I overheard Thomas telling Eva he needed to find some "sweet" jumps to take his bike on. He then said he needed to find some big dirt hills to take his bike down too. Thomas crashes in the driveway when there is no good reason for him to crash, so jumps? Not such a good idea.