Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eva's new Doggie

Eva has been bugging me for 3 days to let her "post" so here it is!

I was in my parents room with Timothy, when I found a white scarf. I thought what should I do with this? Well this is what I thought of: Timothy can be my new puppy! So I put the scarf on Timothy,like a puppy(around his chest, so he woulden't choke, of coarse!) I walked him around the house a couple of times, I tried to keep him out of the bathroom, but all he wanted was to be with Mom! On Saturday night we had Patio for dinner, Timothy was on all fours, begging like a real dog.And thats the end of my story.
Written and typed by Eva

Friday, February 22, 2008

My bag of tricks

So FOREVER ago Amelia tagged me, and I am just getting around to it. I love bags! So I don't mind being tagged about what is in mine! I do not just have one bag that I regularly use. I took a picture of my diaper bag and what is in it, since it is used the most. Back to the I love bags statement. Seriously, I do. Right before Amelia tagged me I bought my current diaper bag on e-bay. It is awesome! It is a "Men's" diaper bag by "The Mustard Sprout" it retails for about $90 (I did not pay anywhere near that ridiculous price)and it has all sorts of cool storage including a cell phone/mp3 player pocket on the strap. My justification for buying it was that Clay neede a bag he wouldn't mind carrying, but it is really mine.

Heres what is in my bag: My Bebe' au Late' that lets me nurse in public discreetly. 3 baby spoons(why 3?), infant tylenol, 2 pens and a pencil, aloe vera hand lotion, first aid kit, bag for dirty clothes, portable changing pad, tithing slips, Ensign, Primary Program for the year, Primary book for my calling in the Presidency, Timothy's mittens, Zwieback toast, carabeener, diaper, wipes, A&D ointment, Luna bar, disinfecting hand gel, CEU pen on a chain (Go Eagles!), lip gloss, 2 things of carmex, tin of Lake Powell mints, Extra gum, sticky notes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love Clay!!

Last week my laptop crashed, so that has been my excuse for not updating our blog. I do have a "normal" computer downstairs, but heaven forbid I go down and use it!! Since we chose not to have TV, our computer is our lifeline to the world, so Clay decided to "surprise" me with a new laptop. If anyone knows me, they know I love surprises, but....I am not very patient, and I have a way of finding things out. In this case, Clay couldn't bring himself to spend that kind of money without my input, so we both decided on it together. We ordered it from Dell last Tuesday and it was delivered today! It is awesome, but taking some getting used to (Vista urg!) Life is good, last week Timothy slept through the night 2 nights in a row! Eva and Thomas are both doing very well in school and we are grateful that they have teachers that challenge them instead of ignoring their bright intellects. Both of them are scoring off the charts on their mothly tests. Clay and I have been painting like crazy so that we can move back into our master bedroom. I will take pictures when we are done. I love this house, life is good, I love Clay!