Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not our Best Day

Yesterday was a LOOOOOOONG day. We spent part of the morning at a viewing (Clay's Grandma Perkins passed away) the afternoon at a funeral and graveside dedication, and the afternoon and evening at the clinic and hospital.
It was cold at the cemetery so after all the official stuff was done, I took Thomas and Timothy to the truck so they could be out of the cold and watch movies. For some dumb reason the sprinklers were on, so Eva and I were racing to avoid the water, and as Eva opened the back door, Timothy fell out onto the pavement. I initially thought that Eva was the hurt one because she was crazy screaming, but as I listened to her shouting that she had given Timothy brain damage, I realized Timothy was the one in trouble. Brad was quick-thinking enough to grab a diaper for me to hold on Tim's head as we rushed to the clinic. Eva kept crying about it being her fault, and chastised Thomas for not holding on to Timothy. We kept reassuring them that it was all right, but when we got to the clinic and they saw how much blood there was they were both freaking out. Thank goodness at that moment Hollie came back to where we were and offered to take Eva and Thomas to the Family dinner. So Timothy ended up needing 3 stitches to close 2 wounds, and we had to take him to Monticello Hospital for a CT Scan to make sure he didn't have a cracked skull, or swelling of the brain. The fact that we haven't heard back on the scan tells us that it must have been okay, and Tim had been acting fine. I am thankful for my Dad and my Husband. They gave Timothy a Priesthood Blessing, and I know it made all the difference. I am so grateful for extended family. I did not have the ability to take care of Eva and Thomas emotionally yesterday. They needed the love and support of all of our Family so they could deal with the trauma. I am grateful this happened when Clay was with me. I don't think I could have handled it on my own. In fact, Timothy loves his Dad so much, he didn't want me during the clinic/hospital ordeal, he wanted his Daddy. Thanks to all the family who helped us through our first emergency ordeal.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

In celebration of another great year of life, I wanted to share some things that make me happy!

-Finally dancing with my husband
-No kids to worry about for over a week!
-Great friends and family that willing watched above mentioned kids
-Having something big to motivate me to lose 20 lbs (and over 24 inches)
-Celebrating 11 wonderful years of marriage in a tropical paradise
-Seeing my brother Drew the most relaxed I have EVER seen him!
-Doing karaoke for the first time
-Someone else being in charge of the cooking and cleaning for over a week
-Spending quality time with my extended family

-A great home to live in with awesome neighbors
-Working out-it makes me feel and look younger
-Serving in the Primary -- I love those kids!
-A testimony of the Gospel
-Living close to so much family
-Great books to read
-My family

There is so much more, but this is enough for now. What are you grateful for?