Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Want Candy!

Okay, call us bad parents, but when our neighbor gave Timothy his own sucker for Halloween, we couldn't refuse. This picture reminds me of Homer Simpson slobbering over doughnuts. He loved the candy so much, that he threw his first candy fit when we tried to take it away from him! I know Halloween was forever ago, but here are pictures of my kids anyway:
Eva was a bubble bather, and Thomas was a vampire (minus the teeth because he said they hurt his mouth) I tried to do something more creative for Thomas, but he insisted on being a vampire or a devil.
Eva just turned 8! Grandma Cindy made a dog cake for her and Eva had a party (Yes that is Rachel in the background, and yes, she IS picking her nose).
Thomas got sick yesterday -- he puked in the driveway. As a result, Eva played Nursemaid. It is amazing how nice she can be to the kid when he is sick, but so mean the rest of the time! We told Thomas he should get sick more often, so that Eva will be nice to him.