Saturday, August 29, 2009

Priceless Memories

A couple weeks ago Eva and I took a wonderful trip to Cedar City to attend "The Secret Garden" at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Where are the pictures, you ask? Of course I forgot to take a camera, my children's lives are woefully represented in pictures. We left early Wednesday morning August 12. We had to slow almost to a stop as a deer decided to slowly walk across the road in front of us. Then a little later in the trip we had a crow fly really close to our windshield. I told Eva that if we had hit the crow, our trip would be over. After I answered her question about why it would be over she calmly said,"Yeah, but that wouldn't happen because I said a prayer." Oh the faith she has! Then about halfway there the prettiest little bird flew under us and with a whirl of feathers disintegrated. How sad.
We got to Cedar City with plenty of time to spare before our 2 pm matinee, so we did a little shopping and ate lunch. Eva didn't know what to think when I kept letting her make the choices, she kept saying, "What do you want to do?", or "What do you want to eat?"
The musical was marvelous, we had great seats thanks to our friend Kami (the Marketing Director of the Festival). They even gave Eva a pillow to sit on so she could see over the people in front of us. (What a nice touch)!
After the musical, we went and checked into our motel (The Crystal Inn) and Eva got to take a quick swim before we headed to our friends (Ryan and Kami's) house for dinner Yummy! We really enjoyed our visit with them and then headed back to the motel pool for a few more hours of fun.
The trip home was fairly uneventful except for the freak rain/hailstorm through the part of the interstate with numerous signs that read: "Slippery when wet".
We had such a great time we might need to make it an annual summer tradition!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mark your calendars for Saturday September 19th at 5. We are plannng to baptize Thomas and little Worthy then! Can you believe they are almost 8?