Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 years and other nonsense

It's official, I have worked at Edge of the Cedars for 10 years now as the Museum Store Manager. At times I have questioned if my loyalty has been rewarded or recognized, but the honest reality is what other employer would let you work a flexible work-week under 30 hours, and still give you full benefits? None in Blanding, that is for sure. I recently ran some sales figures for my region manager to determine if our decline in visitation has lead to a decline in sales. While I have experienced a 10-20 % decline in visitation, I have actually produced a 20% or more increase in sales! Of course, the true test of how well you are doing is sales per visitor. For my industry (museum stores) we strive for an average of $2.00 per visitor. Well for the first half of the year my average sales per visitor was nearly $5.00 per visitor! It is rewarding to see the effects of my hard work in a concrete way like that.