Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wednesday was an exciting day for the Perkins Family! We went to the Doctor and heard our baby boy's heartbeat again, and everything is going great with the pregnancy. Much thanks to Eryka for the Zofran tip, with my help my Dr discovered that there is a generic available (my co-pay with insurance was over $500!), so now people in Blanding have a better choice than to be sick all the time when they are pregnant! I also got a prescription for heartburn that has already made my life so much more liveable! I am almost 6 months along.

Clay is off work on Wednesdays so I usually work all day. After going to the Dr I went back to work. Into the museum walked an older couple that looked very familiar. The wife paid the fee and then signed our register as Richard and Lynda Petty. Then I understood why they looked familiar! Since Clay is a huge Nascar fan I called him and told him to come and verify if it really was THE Richard Petty at my museum. Clay showed up just as they were leaving and had a chance to meet him it was great! The photo is just one from the web, we didn't want to bother him, he was on vacation!