Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thomas is Seven!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Thomas' 7th birthday! He had a Sponge-bob party that was lots of fun. Eva got him his first MP3 player. It is funny how grown-up he seems walking around with it. I didn't know what kind of music to put on it, so my Sister-in-law Brenda suggested we put Brian Regan the comedian on it. Great suggestion! I put music on that I thought he might like, but every time I can hear his MP3 player it is Brian Regan that he is listening to. The week of Thomas's birthday was his all about me week. He is really into planes right now, so we made his poster in the shape of a plane. We thought it was pretty cool.

We call Timothy the Nightmare Boy because lately he is getting into everything! He looks at you with a wicked gleam in his eye and then does something bad like throw something hard at you, or run away from you when you are trying to change his poopy diaper. He loves to drive Eva and Thomas crazy. He definitely has the annoying little brother thing figured out.
Timothy loves to put on Thomas's bike helmet and walk around with it weighing his head down.

Eva is enjoying the after school program at the museum (where I work). It is called Art-n-Facts (like artifacts) and they learn all sorts of cool cultural things. She stresses out over math at school, but is doing well otherwise.
I have been inspired by Nancy and have set my 12 week goals, and have started working out again. Thanks Nancy!