Saturday, September 22, 2007


So I get in this mindset that I can't post to the blog unless I have pictures to post. So I use this excuse to procrastinate posting. Plus I agree with all of Eryka's reasons for not posting. It is hard being a Mom to a newborn!!! Plus I have my own things that have kept me busy in addition to Motherhood. Work is crazy! September is always one of my busiest months at work, and this year is keeping the trend alive. Not only do I have an insane amount of visitors coming through the museum, but I am still playing catchup from my maternity leave. As far as all I need to get done, it feels like I took 2 years off instead of 2 months! Of course, the good thing about being so busy is that my day flies by and I am back home with Timothy in no time. Timothy is my first newborn to have to go to daycare. Eva and Thomas were lucky to have Brenda and Nan take care of them for their first 5-6 years. Timothy only goes to daycare 2 days a week, but it was really hard! I don't know how other Mothers do it! While the first few times were hard, it has been a really good thing. Cherie (his daycare "Mommie") just adores him; in fact some days I practically have to ask her to give him up -- she enjoys holding him so much! He also goes to Nan one day a week, and between Nan, Livvie, and Racheal I know he is well taken care of.