Monday, March 8, 2010

Time? Who has Time?

Thomas & Timothy
Eva has discovered that washable markers make cool colored highlights
Nick & Laina our newest kids
What Clay looks like when Mom leaves him alone with the kids for a few days

Time, since becoming a Mother of 5 overnight, I have completely lost my ability to manage time! How did my Mother do it with 6?!!! I can't seem to get anything done, or when I do get something done, it is undone by my 2 babies in the next half second! Poor Clay is feeling extremely overwhelmed. We have had our 2 foster kids since the second week of January, and during that time I have had to go out of town twice for work. He handled my first trip fairly well, but the second trip pushed him over the edge as both foster kids were sick and throwing up all night the whole time I was gone. He is an amazing man. I still can't figure out how I was lucky enough to catch him! In a few weeks I have to go out of town again and I am trying to minimize the impact it will have on him as much as possible. My big work project is getting close to being rolled out. We had training for the new Point of Sale system last week for my team, and we (which really means me) are getting ready to train the rest of the state. There will be a bit of a learning curve for all of us, but it should make our lives easier in the long run.