Sunday, October 25, 2009

What do you do with a Broken Arm?

Why, show it off of course! A couple of weeks ago Timothy broke his arm in the most boring way: he fell while playing. It wasn't a major fall, it was quite routine, so it took us about an hour to really discover that it was broken. We took full advantage of our new hospital and were in and out in less than an hour. Now he loves to play the sympathy card and prominently display his splint while saying in his most pitiful voice, "I broke my arm"
Too cute picture of Joaquin and Timothy from this summer

The kids had fun playing in the mass of leaves at the church on Main Street

Our new addition (what do you do when your husbands INCREDIBLE boss asks you to take a kitten off his hands? You say yes of course!!) His name is Shez -sound familiar Glovers?

Clay has some serious roofing skills (so do Dad and Worthy) re-roofing Mom and Dad's roof